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popcorn_100Wouldn't a little Popcorn help you relax when watching a movie at home? We thought so! How about an affectionate little funny tortoiseshell, about 8 months old named "Popcorn"!


Paige_smallLoving is Not the Word...
Tinkerbelle and Paige were 2 homeless kittens brought to Save-A-Life by a kind person who did not want them left outside in the cold.


freeway_smallLucky Freeway Kitty!
Picture this: Rolling down the freeway, a lady spots a tiny, frightened black kitten—surely doomed! She not only stops—but so do all the other cars—don't ask me how!


Adoption Success!

charming_smallA Charming Success
The Best Friends Super Adoption Fair worked like a charm... for beautiful little "Charm", who had been given up by her family when they had to move.

Home Newsletter
Holiday Season Newsletter
Second Chance Cats – Consider Adopting a Lonely Older Cat (or Two!)

The economic crisis continues to affect everyone, causing more and more dogs and cats to be given up by their families as they lose their jobs and their homes. This means more older pets than ever before are finding themselves in shelters and rescues, where many will live out the rest of their days without a loving family to call their own.

Many Thanks!!!

This Thanksgiving, the volunteers at Save-A-Life are counting our blessings! Here are some of the things we are so grateful for:

Angel Dogs to the Rescue!
angeldogA bunch of fabulous rescue groups got together and turned a very sorry dog situation into one of care and hope at the Save-A-Life Shelter... After fundraising, the Angel Dogs spay/neuter mobile clinic spent the whole day here at the Save-A-Life Sanctuary. 35 dogs got fixed, which blessing upon blessing, ended a long saga of harsh realities for a group of dogs dumped on Save-A-Life by a hoarder running from the animal control in another county.
Appointing a Guardian

None of us want to think about it, but what would happen to your dog or cat if you were to die? If the thought of this makes you shudder, you may want to have an official plan.

Old Friends Develop Special Needs!

catteeth_smallAs our little darlings age, the rules of the cat wellbeing game (that you thought you had finally mastered) change. Hopefully, every kitty will have had regular dental checkups, cleanings and extractions as needed along the way. However, if your double-digit feline hasn't been checked in a while, it's time to make an appointment.

When Kitty Won't Use the Litter Box – 7 Things You Can Do

litterboxsmallCat ownership brings much joy and companionship into a person's life. But when kitty begins "missing" her litter box, the relationship between a cat and owner can become strained. Not knowing what else to do, often the owner will surrender kitty to a shelter or rescue. Left abandoned, these troubled cats are usually not re-adopted. Don't let this setback, which is easy to address, prompt you to needlessly give up on your pet.


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