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100% of your donation goes towards animal care.

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popcorn_100Wouldn't a little Popcorn help you relax when watching a movie at home? We thought so! How about an affectionate little funny tortoiseshell, about 8 months old named "Popcorn"!


Paige_smallLoving is Not the Word...
Tinkerbelle and Paige were 2 homeless kittens brought to Save-A-Life by a kind person who did not want them left outside in the cold.


freeway_smallLucky Freeway Kitty!
Picture this: Rolling down the freeway, a lady spots a tiny, frightened black kitten—surely doomed! She not only stops—but so do all the other cars—don't ask me how!


Adoption Success!

charming_smallA Charming Success
The Best Friends Super Adoption Fair worked like a charm... for beautiful little "Charm", who had been given up by her family when they had to move.

Many Thanks!!!

This Thanksgiving, the volunteers at Save-A-Life are counting our blessings! Here are some of the things we are so grateful for:

  • A Super Best Friends Adoption it was! Save-A-Life placed 6 dogs and 2 cats and the terrific homes they found could not have been more super!With those placements we were able to save 5 small dogs and 6 cats from being returned to the shelter only to be euthanized (due to not being adopted that day)!

  • We are very grateful to our Petco sponsors who enable us to make adoptions happen in their store—we've been there since 1995! Our manager, Ron, is the greatest!Our wonderful, hard-working, devoted volunteers who lend so much help and support every weekend, making finding new homes for pets possible.

  • A BIG THANKS to Mercedeth, Steve, our Taiwan Students, Lisa, Lissa, Nina, and Tatiana, who have been faithfully coming to help care-for and support our adoptable pets long term; plus our photographers; and also Rita, Nan, Linda, and Darla, plus many others who come as often as they can to lend a helping hand, and encouraging words. In addition, all the terrific folks who helped at the Super Sunday Adoption Fair—it was a lot of work!

  • Also add our kennel helpers, Jeannie, Corey, Shane, Joe, and others who help on and off...

  • Also our vets:  Overland, High Desert Animal Care, Crenshaw Dog and Cat Hospital, and Holiday Humane Society.

  • A BIG THANKS to Bonnie, our webmaster, who has been giving her talents and resources for so long!

  • We are so lucky, within the financial struggles this year to have gotten donations from Nutro, Mars, Breeder's Choice, and Golden Cat!!! Many Thanks for helping keep our efforts to save/preserve precious, helpless lives afloat!!And not the least: A BIG HEARTFELT Thank You to all of you who HAVE ADOPTED and are giving pets a lifetime, caring home! Also to the many visitors to our site who donated even $! To help our No-Kill Rescue continue!

THANK YOU ! in advance, if you could donate anything at all this Holiday Season:

100% of your donation goes towards animal care.

$1 (or more) –if everyone told their friends and family to read our newsletter and perhaps if they could spare even $1.00, it could add up! And with Save-A-Life, it goes to the animals directly as none of our Officers have ever gotten paid to do this work of our hearts.

And/Or donations warm blankets, heating pads, towels, cat/dog sweaters, and newspapers are greatly appreciated! These items can be left at our Petco adoption site, 1873 Westwood Blvd.—Be sure to mark on it that it is for Save-A-Life, and ask the manager to put it in our room in the back with our cages; then we will pick it up on the weekend.

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