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popcorn_100Wouldn't a little Popcorn help you relax when watching a movie at home? We thought so! How about an affectionate little funny tortoiseshell, about 8 months old named "Popcorn"!


Paige_smallLoving is Not the Word...
Tinkerbelle and Paige were 2 homeless kittens brought to Save-A-Life by a kind person who did not want them left outside in the cold.


freeway_smallLucky Freeway Kitty!
Picture this: Rolling down the freeway, a lady spots a tiny, frightened black kitten—surely doomed! She not only stops—but so do all the other cars—don't ask me how!


Adoption Success!

charming_smallA Charming Success
The Best Friends Super Adoption Fair worked like a charm... for beautiful little "Charm", who had been given up by her family when they had to move.

Home Newsletter Cat Tips Appointing a Guardian
Appointing a Guardian

None of us want to think about it, but what would happen to your dog or cat if you were to die? If the thought of this makes you shudder, you may want to have an official plan.

Start by thinking of three people who would be willing and able to fill your shoes if something were to happen. Why three you ask? People's lifestyles can change, an illness or a job may contribute to one of your choices being unable to accept the responsibility down the line.

Once you confirm the guardians, write up a letter stating your wishes – including their names and contact info. Make sure to sign and date the letter and attach it to other important documents such as your will or living trust. Be sure to include any special food or medication instructions, the number of your vet and micro-chip information.

This is something that can be done in just a few minutes but could have a major impact on the lives of our furry friends!

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