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Please Donate!

100% of your donation goes towards animal care.

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Donate Health Services

Our shelter is entirely run on donations. Please consider making a donation for a specific good or service:

  • $75 to Spay/Neuter 1 small cat or dog
  • $125 to spay/neuter 1 large dog
  • $15 for 1 rabies shot
  • $15 for 1 set of vaccinations
  • $35 to microchip 1 animal
  • $140 for spay/neuter, rabies, vaccinations & microchipping for 1 small cat/dog
  • $190 for spay/neuter, rabies, vaccinations & microchipping for 1 large dog
Donate Items
Home Wish List
Wish List

Below is our wish list of the items we need. Any donation, no matter how small or large, are greatly appreciated. The items denoted with a double asterisk (**) are the ones we need the most.

There is an URGENT need for electric blankets and heating pads to keep the animals warm in the winter. It gets way below freezing at our location, and sitting on these items keeps the animals warm despite the frigid temperatures. If you have used items, without frayed wires, please consider donating them to our shelter!

Wish List for the Cats Wish list for the Facility
- Scoopable cat litter - Heavy-duty garbage bags (30 gallon)
- Dry Cat Food - Wind Turbine to help reduce electrical costs**
- Canned Cat Food
- Wind or solar system to help REDUCE ENERGY COSTS

- Volunteer engineer to help get permits on outbuildings
- Loan to pay off purchase financing (balloon payment due)
Wish List for the Dogs - People to run a fundraising campaign
- Dry Dog Food - Solar cells
- Canned Dog Food
- Anti-bacterial dish soap
- Leashes - Paper towels
- Dog toys - Laundry detergent
- Chew toys - Brooms
- Dog houses - Trash bags
- Dog sweaters - Bleach
- Dog grooming scissors - Blankets

- Electric Blankets
Wish List for the Volunteers - Towels
- Gift Certificates for Office Supply Stores - Heating pads
- White Copy Paper - Hoses and hose nozzels
- White Address Labels (for laser printer) - Wheel barrows and garden carts
- Computers - Trash cans
- Copy machine - Rakes and shovels
- Stamps - Tools
- Washing machine
- Wash tub
- Tarps
- Tractor
- Large truck that runs well
- Dog kennels
- Chain link fencing

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