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A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley
Facebook.com/savealifenokillshelter . . Facebook.com/savealifenonprofit

"Desert Bird of Paradise" . . .
They're blooming all summer here in Mojave

Decorating Plants with Rocks . . .
Rocks, rocks, and more rocks . . .
it's starting to look like Rock City around here!

More Rocks at the Ranch . . .
tons of beautiful red rocks . . .

We Need Dry Cat Food . . .
Here's the Scoop . . .
Sometimes we get lucky and get donations of dry cat food from various donors and sources,
and it usually contains corn meal, which is OK, but now we're asking our friends if they can please help
us keep our cats healthy by substituting rice for corn when possible. This all leads up to something, . . .
you might have guessed, . . . so here's the scoop . . . we need KIRKLAND MAINTENANCE CAT FOOD
to give our cats the protein and nutrition they need without corn, and it's the best quality
for the money, so please, we need Kirkland Maintenance Cat Food. . . about $25 for a 25 LB bag,
and you can order it from JET.COM or Amazon or from Costco.com.

Thanks for caring. Ruben/Save-a-Life

Save-a-Life Is Having an Open House/
Yard Sale/Adoption Event
To Save Our Cats

Sat, May 6th, 9 am - 5 pm
Free Admission

Save-a-Life Thanks Everyone
That Contributed in 2016
To Save Our Cats

Our hearts go out to you for caring about life
Thank you to Angelina Forever and
and thanks to Lori, Kim, Cherie, Jill, Michael, Jodi,
James, Liz, Annette, and others for your support

We Need Cat Food Right Away!
It's Spring and our Kitties are Hungry!


8448 Joshua Lane
Mojave, CA 93501

More News
Many thanks to the persons who responded to Save-a-Life’s request for votes in connection with the 5,000 meals contest sponsored by SaveaRescue. Sadly , SAL did not receive enough votes to make first place. We were at a disadvantage by not entering the contest when it first started. This was our first year and we have learned the game plan. Next time, watch out!, with your help we can easily win the future 5, 000 cat meals offered as first prize. Also, thanks to SAL’s many friends who by their continuing donations, keep SAL and its many, many kitties safe and-- welcome, welcome, to new donors. Like time which keeps on going at an endless rate, so does the money that comes in – it’s here one minute and gone the next. Hence, our constant requests for help, which includes money, food, help with contests and faithful support of our psyches as we push onward to see that cats and all animals are safe and loved. We’re located in the desert which has a climate that is reliable in its intensity; winds, heat, cold and surprisingly this year an abundance of rain. This has caused many of our kitties to experience rashes and allergies which need medication as they sneeze and scratch. They would appreciate your help as they suffer the same symptoms people do – itching, scratching, drippy noses….


a Cat Adoption Event
and Vintage Yard Sale!
at the
8448 Joshua Lane, Mojave
PHONE: 661-824-2440


It’s hard to celebrate a birthday if you don’t know
the date of birth, so we decided the kitties at SAL
will celebrate their birthdays on May 6.
Join us in wishing the kitties safe and loving lives.

There will be vintage items, sales booths, jewelry goods,
original artwork, and the usual yard sale items.
All proceeds will go to the birthday babies.
Cat adoptions will be available.

One-eyed Jacqueline (“Jacquie”) was approached to “star” in a
film produced and directed by Natalie Garcia Clark (“Clark”),
a Cal Arts student. The film represented one of Clark’s
class projects. Unfortunately, Jacquie decided she didn’t like
the script and her stand-in, another one-eyed cat, finished the picture.

However, Jacquie was accorded her due as a star and was treated royally.
She was driven home to Save-a-Life in a royal carriage and has decided
to live in her portable dressing room, as befits a star.

Save-a-Life Mail Change . . .

For your information we will not be using P.O.Box 53, Mojave, CA  
as a mail drop effective April 3, 2017.  Please use our address:  
Save-a-Life, 8448 Joshua Lane, Mojave, CA  93501.  
Thank you

of the
Save-a-Life Ranch!

Click map to enlarge and see the roads, buildings,
yards and trees at our Cat Sanctuary
Click here for an even larger version
Save-a-Life Buildings
. . . (see map above) . . .
1. Cat’s Paw Main House
2. Copy Cat Goat House
3. Cat and Mouse House
4. Garfield Outdoor Greenhouse
5. Grumpy Cat Greenhouse
6. Nine Lives Medical Barn
7. Look What the Cat Dragged in Barn
8. Linda’s Cool Cat Barn
9. Alley Cat Barn
10. Railroad Garage and
. . . Catnip Gift Shop
11. Hep Cat Tool Shed
12. Big Ben’s Cat House
13. Cats Pajama Barn
14. Cats Out of the Bag Shed
15. Cat Eye Barn
16. Fat Cat Corner Barn
17. Pussy Cat Barn
18. Ruben’s Cat Nap Barn
19. Cat’s Cradle Motorhome
20. Cat Got Your Tongue Shed


In 2016 some of our beautiful sheltered and cared for cats were
Killed by Kern County Animal Control for no good reason
by unethical lying Animal Control Officers
Story of Harassment by
Kern County Animal Control Here

Animal Control Issues . . .
On December 20, 2016 the District Attorney stood before the judge in Mojave (Kern County), CA and stated “lack of evidence” which ended the case against Save-a-Life started on August 2, 2016 by a disgruntled employee, who had mastered the art of lying and playing a martyr. The judge dismissed the case with prejudice.

Save-a-Life is a no-kill, nonprofit 501c3 corporation incorporated in 1994. There has never been any court action against it before. Animal Control has an advantage—they are funded by some of the same taxpayers who are the board members, directors and volunteers of Save-A-Life. The same persons who have devoted hours, days, months, years to helping animals in distress, not only by sheltering them, feeding them, consoling them, continuously requesting funds for them, giving up their time (what’s a vacation?), social life, and also by donating most of their earnings, when the need arises (and that’s much too often).

Animal Control wastes taxpayers’ monies by not using common sense to judge a situation. Granted, there is a need for overseeing animals in the public, but time and time again Kern County has taken the “easy” and “more publicity-seeking” routes jumping at the opportunity to shut down a rescue without any type of proof, just speculation. This was the second case in Mojave in 2016, that I personally know of, that was dismissed for lack of evidence . In the meantime, in our case, $10,000 was paid for lawyers’ fees alone.

There is no compensation for the headaches, heartaches, stress and sadness that Save-a-Life experienced. There is a strong hope that karma catches up with the persons responsible. We’re back in the game and stronger because of the many friends who helped us. We can’t name them all because many were anonymous donors – the good that came out of this experience: knowing there are persons who rushed to help, who were willing to put themselves out, who believed in us.

Animal Control Trouble Continues . . .
We just received notice Animal Control they will be out again this Tues, Apr 11.
Please come out and be a witness for our rescue and protect us
from harrassment by the Kern County Cat Killers.

Brand New Photos for 2017
- We've been working on improvements
nonstop for the past few months!-

More New Photos for 2017
- Please Adopt a Cat -

Brand New Cat Photos Here!
click to enlarge

Watch the Save-a-Life video for Ellen DeGeneres
to help keep Save-a-Life running
courtesy Cherie Gillette

Help Save our Cats
Donations on PayPal.com to: info@save-a-life.org









Check out the photos of famous
Movie Stars with their Cats

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