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A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley
State of California Non-Profit 501c3
"Save A Life Cat Adoptions" Since 1995

Facebook.com/savealifenokillshelter . . Facebook.com/savealifenonprofit

Check out this Story on Tails and Toys

Courtesy of Pet Age.com
"Ruben Saves Save-a-Life Cats, then Opens
Vintage Store in Lancaster to Benefit Animals"
. . . it's called VENTURA TREASURES

Thank You to our very special donors who came through for us again.
Next Month we do it all again, so keep us in your thoughts.
Please help us keep the kitties healthy and happy.

Please visit our PayPal site
to donate anything, even just $25 per month,
it would mean the world to us, and it's tax deductible

Snow hits Save-a-Life
on Thanksgiving Day
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Ventura Treasures
Grand Opening Photos

Ventura Treasures
The Making of the Sign

Summer 2019 Photos

Previous Photos Here

Visitors MAP of Save-a-Life's
Magic Cat Ranch

Click map to enlarge roads, buildings,
yards and trees at our Cat Sanctuary
Cat Buildings
. . . (see map at left . . .

1. Cat’s Paw Main House

2. Copy Cat Goat House

3. Cat and Mouse House

4. Garfield Outdoor Greenhouse

5. Grumpy Cat Greenhouse

6. Nine Lives Medical Barn

7. Look What the Cat Dragged in Barn

8. Linda’s Cool Cat Barn

9. Alley Cat Barn

10. Railroad Garage and
. . . Catnip Gift Shop

11. Hep Cat Tool Shed

12. Big Ben’s Cat House

13. Cats Pajama Barn

14. Cats Out of the Bag Shed

15. Cat Eye Barn

16. Fat Cat Corner Barn

17. Pussy Cat Barn

18. Ruben’s Cat Nap Barn

19. Cat’s Cradle Motorhome

20. Cat Got Your Tongue Shed

Volunteers Wanted
Please support the life of these wonderful animals
come to our rescue, or our soon-to-open thrift store
in Lancaster, and help us in anyway you can

Save-a-Life, Call Ruben at 661-824-2440

Electrician Needed

Save-a-Life Needs an Electrician
Call 661-824-2440
General repairs to house, garage, and
sheds from Dry Creek Mini Barns
that have been here for 10 years

Please Click the "donate" button below to help with repairs
Thank You Very Much

Donations on PayPal to: info@save-a-life.org
or mail to Save-a-Life, 8448 Joshua Ln, Mojave, CA 93501

Thank You for supporting
8448 Joshua Lane
Mojave, CA 93501