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Kamala Harris - Bakersfield Rally
Speech against Kern County Animal Control

kamala speech

Hello Kamala Harris and supporting members, We respect and admire Kamala Harris for all that she's done for California, and all that she will do once she wins the senate seat in November.

But Kamala is still California's Attorney General, and so we would like to take this moment to bring up two issues regarding Animal Rights, Animal Rescues, and Kern County Animal Control.

We applaud Los Angeles County for banning puppy mill and kitty mill animals, requiring pet stores to obtain their pets from rescue organizations.  Unfortunately Kern County has not yet passed such a law.

We applaud counties that have established a "no-kill" policy for animals in their shelters.  Unfortunately Kern County has not yet established such a policy.

We applaud the new California law that provides for tougher penalties for animal cruelty.  Unfortunately Animal Control Officers are using this new law to terrorize and punish local rescues, which is contrary to their mission, which is to help animals and rescues.

This brings us to the two issues we would like to bring up . . . 

Issue #1.  An animal rights issue pertaining to pets, and their right to live.  Humans domesticated these animals and humans should have an obligation to try to preserve their lives, even if they are homeless.  Kern County Animal Control, KCAC, currently has the policy of euthanizing homeless animals, and furthermore, harassing local rescues that believe in saving them.

Issue #2. 
An abuse of power issue pertaining to Kern County Animal Control, including . . . 
a) their apparent violation of codes and ethics,  
b) their apparent violation of the Hayden Law requiring Animal Control Shelters to work with 
    local rescues to save animal's lives, 
c) their violation of their own mission statement, 
d) their infamous reign of terror that makes Kern County rescue groups fearful
e) their apparent lack of oversight.

We represent Save-a-Life Cat Adoptions, a local non profit 501©3 rescue since 1995.  Recently, when a new president came in, a Kern County Animal Control Officer, Daniel Burgess, began harassing this rescue, culminating in the seizure of multiple cats on two occasions under the claim that they were sick, although teeth and gum issues and minor upper respiratory colds are hardly considered "in need of immediate medical care."  Although no charges were filed, Animal Control offered no way to retrieve the cats, and then three weeks later, after originally stating that "all they needed was antibiotics" they killed them all.

KCAC then made an illegal petition to claim our cats from the second seizure, and an apparently unethical judge signed off on it.  The law requires a hearing on such matters.  Save-a-Life had no knowledge or chance to challenge this petition.

Kern County Animal Control Director Nick Cullen then issued a ransom letter demanding $14,000 in 14 days or the remaining cats were forfeited.  When politicians, activists, and the media were contacted by Save-a-LIfe regarding the situation, Animal Control decided to file one count of felony animal cruelty against the new president. This was MONTHS after the seizures.  

Save-a-LIfe categorically denies the charge and the case is pending.  The 37 remaining Save-a-Life cats at KCAC are at risk of being killed any day, and the very existence of Save-a-Life and it's remaining 230 beautiful cats is also at risk.

We recommend . . . 

1. The establishment of codes holding Animal Control and staff members liable for non compliance and for illegal and unethical conduct (a part of the Hayden Law that was gutted)
2. Guidelines for pubic interaction, social implications, and psychological conduct of Animal Control Officers 
3. the establishment of a Task Force to oversee Animal Control activities and it's officers

Thank you for listening, and god-speed to the senate for Kamala Harris 

From the staff at Save-a-Life, and all of California's rescue groups

Save-a-Life Cat Adoptions
8448 Joshua Lane
Mojave, CA 93501

Please help us save these cats, and let them come home. We all miss them.

we have set up a GoFundMe account at . . .

Thank you


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Ruben Lopez

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