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Save-a-Life KItty Rescue Ranch
A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley

New Photos 2017

More Improvements at the Ranch
And More Kitty Photos too . . .

Brand New Photos for 2017
- We've been working on improvements
nonstop for the past few months!-

More New Photos for 2017
- Please Adopt a Cat -

Brand New Cat Photos Here!
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One-eyed Jacqueline (“Jacquie”) was approached to “star” in a
film produced and directed by Natalie Garcia Clark (“Clark”),
a Cal Arts student. The film represented one of Clark’s
class projects. Unfortunately, Jacquie decided she didn’t like
the script and her stand-in, another one-eyed cat, finished the picture.

However, Jacquie was accorded her due as a star and was treated royally.
She was driven home to Save-a-Life in a royal carriage and has decided
to live in her portable dressing room, as befits a star.

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