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More Cats 2017
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Here's some random pictures of our
adorable and adoptable cats
that would love a "forever home!"

Cottontail is the absolute cuttest cat ever! she has long hair and bounces when she walks!
Navajo the cross eyed siamese is lonely ever since her sister was captured
by the evil animal control, and her friend Cherokee passed away

Broadband, the tuxedo girl with a broad strip on her face is from Hollywood, and she is gorgeous!
Black Magic is a great grandma and her once sheen black coat is now speckled
with gray hair. Somebody please give her a home for the twilight of her life.
Save her from the Animal Control Cat Killers

Old Margie has been through a lot, but her fur is still as soft and fluffy as can be . . .
Jenifer sticks her tongue out at the food while Fluffy eats, and Snickers profile and front view are classic tuxedo.

Gertrude is our oldest cat, somewhere over 15 and a toughy outdoors
She's the sweetest and still most adverturist cat ever, even is she does move very slow.
She's appreciates human affection. and Miss Sphinx guards the food bowls while her mates eat away.

Brandy has a diamond in her eye. for real. Check it out. Not sure how it got there,
but she doesn't mind. Meanwhile a black cat wanders through the yards,
and little Miss Teardrop closes her eyes into a mask.
She misses her brother who was dragged away screaming
by the evil Daniel Burgess of Animal Control.

We currently have 200 cats available for adoption!
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More pictures of cats available for adoptions

Rocks at the Ranch . . .

More 2017 Photos of the Ranch
and More Cat Photos
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More Pics 2017
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